Jessica Sanchez-Brooks

Jessica Sanchez-Brooks has always believed in following her dreams and being passionate in all that she does. She is a woman with a resilient work ethic and a leader in all that she touches. Jessica is an afro-latina who grew up in Brooklyn, NYC with her cultural Puerto Rican roots. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and domestic violence advocate. 


“My goal to help inspire other women like me is the key factor to my motivation. I have a background of being sexually abused as a young girl, a child of a domestic violent marriage and then went on to being a victim in my own domestic violent relationship. When I finally gathered the courage to leave the relationship and remain a single parent, I went on a path of self -healing and accountability of my own actions, goals and dreams. I became a Christian and believed in self development spiritually and mentally. I was able to find new love and become a wife. I began IAMJESS so that other women can become confident in who they are. They can know that a journey to healing and self-love first begins with accountability along with faith."

"Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

Live, Laugh, Love!" 



Jessica Sanchez-Brooks is the CEO & Founder, HerMillion - a nonprofit women's empowerment organization with focus on inspiring transformation through education in domestic violence awareness, healthy relationships and self love. She also created "Coffee with Jess", a virtual women room, Let's Talk - a video series with thought provoking topics and guest speakers, and; BOXITIVITY, which are specially made boxed gifts, created to spread love and positivity.

She has been guided by God to complete her life’s will of spreading His gospel and empowering others. Her empathy and connections with others is what drives her. Jessica’s history of domestic violence and once being a single mom has driven her to be a positive impact on others with the exact or similar story. She believes her mission on this earth is to empower at least one million women with her life story and to help them become a better version of themselves.

Jess has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Divinity.



Coffee with Jess 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions were created to assist women with reaching their personal development goals and have an accountability coach to assist through their journey.

These Coaching Sessions focus on Accountability and Healing and were designed for women who would like to transform to better versions of themselves, by being accountable for their actions and tapping into self-healing. Each session ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour, is conducted in an intimate setting and centers around creating personal goals, step-by-step, with target dates of fulfillment.

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